These terms and conditions apply to the Caroline Vis web shop..
1. Overall.
The conditions of delivery are applicable to the purchases and sales by this shop. Terms and conditions of the buyer are not applicable, unless explicitly and written agreed upon otherwise.
2. Applicable law and the qualified judge.
Dutch law is applicable to all sales and sale-offers. All disputes derived from sales-agreements by this web shop shall be judged by French judges. 
3. Sales prices.
Prices offered by this web shop include 5,5% VAT. Delivery costs are dependent on the delivery address. If this address is not in an EU-member state delivery costs may be calculated. Any customs fees are for the buyer. Prices are always with reservation for change, for whatever reasons may apply. 
4. Payment.
Several different payment methods are offered in this web shop. No product will be shipped until the payment has been received. 
5. Delivery.
After your payment has been received your product gets packed and shipped.''there will be a pick up of the shipping company , in less than ten days, and the shipping will be insured'' Caroline Vis web shop is not responsible for the duration of the shipping. Caroline Vis reserves the right to deny an order without statement of reason. The payment shall of course be send back to the bank account it is received from. 
Delivery dates always remain an indication, not a guarantee. Caroline Vis web shop is not responsible for overdue deliveries. If the delivery date is exceeded, the buyer does not have any rights for a compensation. 
6. Condition upon reception.
The buyer must observe the delivered product upon receiving the delivery. The buyer must check if the product is delivered in the agreed upon condition. If this is not the case the buyer must report this within 8 days. After this deadline has been exceeded, the buyer has accepted the product in the condition received. Returns are only accepted in the original packaging and undamaged within the term of 8 days, or the legal buying from distance deadline. The return costs are also for the buyer. Art being produced on demand has different conditions. Request a sale contract by your order. 
7. Ownership
Products not payed for will always remain property of Caroline Vis. If the buyer refuses to receive a payed for product, he beats the responsibility for damage and theft. Not payed for products can always be demanded immediately by Caroline Vis. 
8. Communication
if the buyer or a third party provides false information,Caroline Vis is not responsible for any costs deriving from this.
9. Exceptional situations.
Not diminishing any rights Caroline Vis web shop already has, Caroline Vis has the right to cancel any order of its choice or to cancel the sales-agreement if exceptional situations occur. The buyer does not have any rights for a compensation. The buyer does remain the right to have the payment returned if it has already been made. Exceptional situation will, for the purpose of these terms and agreements, be described as: any shortcoming which one cannot impute to Caroline Vis, as it is not to blame on Caroline Vis. It must not be to blame on Caroline Vis by rule of law, by legal act or by traffic dominating views. 
10. Intellectual property.
The intellectual property rights must be respected unconditionally by the buyer. It is prohibited to the buyer to copy the pieces of art or to deliver them to commercial markets in any other way. 

company name:Ets. Caroline Vis
3 Rue Fréderic et Iréne Juliot Curie
22620 Ploubazlanec
Maison des Artiste: V590787
Siret: 833 468 945 00013