A statutory period of 14 days for every purchase you make through the Internet (with the exception of works contract). That means you can specify that you want to return to work within 14 days after receipt of your order, then another 14 days, the time to return to work.

The withdrawal period ends fourteen days after the day you or a person other than the carrier and the third has been designated, physical possession of the goods by you.

The purchase amount will be performed ASAP refunded within 14 days after the work is recovered undamaged.

However, the cost of returning are at your account.
Warning! If you paid by credit card, we retain 6% of the purchase price to cancel the transaction.

Would you return to work you will need to indicate this within 14 days.
Sending your requiredreturn form
Return is at your own risk, think about insurance
The return, transport costs are for your account.
You will receive the purchase price within 14 days.
If a work is received damaged return, the costs will be at your charge. This does not apply to work you have received damaged and for that reason is returned.
Works of art created specially commissioned, are excluded from return refund.
Featherweight you are always free to request information via info@carolinevis.com